Network Monitoring, ALERTS, and Automatic PoE Power Reset
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AEI Fault Tolerant Utility
Network Monitoring, ALERTS, and Automatic PoE Power Reset


 -   Version 1.0 Release Date MM/DD/YYYY. 

The patent pending AEI Fault Tolerant Utility comes FREE with each AEI-e410C and AEI-e810C switch controller.


  • Monitors Network Traffic between host and IP Devices continuously.
    (PoE, non-PoE, wired & wireless network connections).

  • Fault Tolerance Network Monitoring: 
    Network Cable Faults, Network Connector Faults, Network Equipment Faults, and IP Power Device Faults for PoE Power Devices, non-PoE Devices, and other wired or wireless network connections.

  • Multiple IP Connections:
    Users can manage and monitor up to 126 different wired and wireless IP Power Devices as well as other network connections, plus optionally give each a unique nickname.

  • Host System Pop-Up Alert:
    The Host System will display an ALERT message via pop-up when a network fault is recognized, as well as when a network fault is cleared (wired or wireless fault).

  • Email ALERT Notifications to Multiple Recipients:
    Emails are sent when (i) a fault is recognized, (ii) when a fault cannot be cleared ["Fatal Error"], and (iii) when the fault is cleared.

  • Automatic PoE Power Reset on Fault.
    When this setting is selected, the utility will attempt to clear a network fault by resetting PoE power on all devices. This will attempt clear faults that result from locked or non-operational devices (routers, IP PD's, etc.).  In the user Setup screen, the utility can be configured that when a fault (loss of network connection) is recognized, it will automatically cycle PoE power and restart PoE network and IP devices that source their power through an attached AEI-e410C (by itself), or an AEI-e810C utilizing an Intelligent Power Conversion Card.

  • Remote PoE Power Reset:
    Since the utility resides on the Host System, users with Remote Access to the Host can click a button on the Graphical User Interface to reset PoE Power, thus restarting all PoE Power Devices and PoE network equipment connected to either an AEI-e410C or AEI-e810C controllers.

  • 24 Hour PoE Power Reset:
    By clicking a box on the utility GUI, users can configure the utility to cycle PoE
    power ON-OFF-ON for every 24 hour of continuous operation without turning the Host System OFF.  This will restart all attacked PoE network equipment and PoE  Power Devices.

  • System Requirements:
    Must have an AEI-e410C or AEI-e810C installed in a system for the utility to function.

The software utility resides on the Host System, and runs as a background service.  Subsequently, it uses very little memory and system resources.

It is configured and managed through an application with a very easy and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). 

This is a perfect solution for OEMs wishing to incorporate unique fault tolerant and notification features on the proprietary platforms.

In addition to the Fault Tolerant Utility, the following hardware features are also available.

Features AEI-e410C AEI-e810C
with Intelligent Power Conversion Card
Compatible with the
AEI Fault Tolerant Utility
Fully Functional without Add-on Card
Fully Functional with
Add-on Card
2-pin header for External
PoE Power Reset Button.  Cycles PoE Power without turning Host System Off. (SPST-Momentary)
Yes Yes
24-Hour PoE Power Reset
2-Pin Jumper.  When jumper is installed cycles PoE power ON-OFF-ON for every 24 hours of operation resetting all devices without turning Host System OFF.
Can also be done
via Utility
Can also be done
via Utility
USB 2.0 Port Pin Header
Interface to Motherboard for Fault Tolerant Utility
Yes Yes
Accepts 12-24VDC input to generate PoE Power
For 12-24VDC Input,
need the Intelligent Power Conversion Card.