PoE Intelligent Power Conversion Card (IPCC)

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The Intelligent Power Conversion Card (IPCC) has two 4-pin Disc Drive Connectors that convert 12VDC on the Host System's internal Power Supply Unit (PSU) to 48VDC output power.

The 48VDC output power is then connected to one or two AEI-e810C controllers via a factory installed wire cable assembly.  This configuration completely eliminates the need for an external AC/DC Wall power cable assembly.

The IPCC can be installed in either an empty PCI or PCI-e slot, or can be mounted in an internal 3.5" Drive Bay.  The IPCC also has mounting holes for OEM custom mounting.

Advanced Power Management Features

The AEI Fault Tolerant Utility provides a number of Fault Tolerant monitoring and ALERT features.  It is a powerful software utility for use in servers or appliances that support PoE devices.

The AEI-e810C is compatible with the Fault Tolerant Utility, and when combined with the PoE Intelligent Power Conversion Card allows users to cycle PoE power ON-OFF-ON either by remote access, by schedule, or automatically when a network fault is detected.  This feature allows users the flexibility to reset PoE network equipment (routers), and other PoE devices that may be locked and or non-functioning.

The IPCC also incorporates a number of other hardware features:

24 Hour Restart Jumper Setting

This is an optional jumper setting on the Intelligent Power Conversion Card, and not recommended or necessary when the PoE Fault Tolerant Utility is running.  When this jumper is installed, PoE power is cycled ON-OFF-ON  for 2-5 seconds every 24 hours of operation.  This fault tolerant feature ensures that all Power Devices are re-booted regularly to ensure no lock-ups. Through a factory firmware upgrade, the wait period between automatic restarts can be increased or decreased to any amount of time, days, weeks, months, etc.

Manual PoE Reset Switch

The Intelligent Power Conversion Card includes a two-pin header for a manual switch in the event an OEM wishes to install a PoE Power Reset switch on their enclosure (SPST Momentary).  This can be used to re-boot all PoE devices supported by the IPCC, without having to re-boot your Host System.

Mobile Power Jumper Setting

This is an optional jumper setting on the Intelligent Power Conversion Card, and allows the card to accept a 12-35VDC battery power input source, rather than in the host system's internal power supply unit (PSU).  This is ideal for vehicular and mobile applications.  This includes a power, ground, and an enable wire. 

PoE power can be enabled by the vehicle ignition (by attaching the ENABLE wire to vehicle ignition).  In this configuration, there is no current draw.  The IP Power Devices will not turn on unless BOTH the Host System is ON, and the ignition is ON.

Alternatively, installers can attached the ENABLE wire directly to vehicle 12-24VDC battery power.  In this configuration, the PoE Power is made available to the host system, but the AEI-e410C or AEI-e810C controllers will not pass to the IP Power Devices unless the Host System is ON.

AEI-e410C-PoE Connection

The IPCC is typically used to provide PoE power to AEI-e810C controllers.  However, in a mobile application where it is desirable to use a 12-24VDC battery source as the PoE input power source for an AEI-e410C controller, a wire cable assembly can be factory installed on an AEI-e410C card to allow it to source PoE power from the IPCC.

Features AEI-e410C AEI-e810C
with Intelligent Power Conversion Card
Compatible with the
AEI Fault Tolerant Utility
Fully Functional without Add-on Card
Fully Functional with
IPCC Add-on Card
2-pin header for External
PoE Power Reset Button.  Cycles PoE Power without turning Host System Off. (SPST-Momentary)
Yes Yes, on IPCC
24-Hour PoE Power Reset
2-Pin Jumper.  When jumper is installed cycles PoE power ON-OFF-ON for every 24 hours of operation resetting all devices without turning Host System OFF.
Can also be done
via Utility
Yes, on IPCC
Can also be done
via Utility
USB 2.0 Port Pin Header
Interface to Motherboard for Fault Tolerant Utility
Yes Yes, on IPCC
Accepts 12-24VDC input to generate PoE Power
Need IPCC for mobile applications
Yes, on IPCC



Part Number AEI-IPS001
Input Power Connectors
for PSU
Two 4-Pin Disc Drive Connectors
Input Power Connectors
Red Wire:
Black Wire:
Output Power Connectors Two ports 
Input Power
For AEI-e410C
The AEI-e410C supports IEEE 802.3AF PoE
Input Power
For AEI-e810C
The AEI-e810C supports IEEE 802.3AF PoE